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Dementia Care

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    As we continue to live longer, the prevalence of dementia among older individuals is increasing. However, our ability to identify the signs and achieve an early diagnosis is also improving. Regardless of whether a diagnosis has been made, individuals still require assistance in maintaining their independence. By offering early support, families can incorporate care into their daily routine, enabling those with memory loss to remain self-sufficient. At Divine Domiciliary Care, we understand the difficulties of caring for someone with dementia, but our extensive experience allows us to offer exceptional, empathetic, and respectful dementia care in the comfort of one’s own home.

    Our relationship-centred approach provides personalised care that:

    • Helps your loved ones remain safe and calm at home
    • Builds confidence and encourages engagement
    • Provides nutritious meals and activities to encourage healthy eating
    • Creates opportunities for social interaction
    • Drive Provides mind-stimulating activitiesyou to visit family and friends, to appointments, on outings etc.
    • Help Builds self-esteem and enhances physical strengthwith your administration; managing your diary and correspondence
    • Manages and soothes challenging behaviours